Sponsored Research

Sponsored Research Coronavirus Notice

Activated Continuity of Operations Plan

In response to the Coronavirus, Sponsored Research has activated its Continuity of Operations Plan, and has transitioned all staff to remote work assignments.

During this time, Sponsored Research remains fully operational, and all services including pre-award proposal submission, award negotiation and acceptance, post-award setup, invoicing and reporting, expenditure transfers, effort reporting, subcontracting and subrecipient monitoring, closeouts, and compliance remain available.

Due to the remote nature of our operation, Sponsored Research’s phones and voicemail will be unattended; however, all Sponsored Research staff members are available by e-mail or Microsoft Teams as needed during regular business hours.

For the latest updates from USF on the coronavirus and the university’s response, visit www.usf.edu/coronavirus.


Dear USF Research Community,

Amid widespread uncertainty driven by the global health crisis, the research community faces unprecedented challenges. The University of South Florida has made the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community our top priority by transitioning instruction, research, and other assignments to remote locations wherever possible. Please visit www.usf.edu/coronavirus for the latest updates.

Although these are challenging times, the research community has been tested before, and our spirit is strong. While the experiences of our past have been different from those of today, one consistent lesson threads through them all: we must keep moving forward. We will emerge stronger together. There is no doubt that our research community will play a vital role in understanding and resolving this crisis, and preventing others like it in the future.

It is in that spirit that funding agencies across the country and abroad have begun making funding available to conduct both medical and non-medical research that can be used to explore ways to model and understand the spread of COVID-19, to inform and educate about the science of virus transmission and prevention, and to encourage the development of processes and actions to address this global challenge. Many of these agencies are already accepting proposals, and many more will begin to do so in the days and weeks ahead.

USF Research & Innovation encourages USF researchers to pursue these funding opportunities and stands ready to assist with the development and submission of funding proposals for this important research.

In an effort to collect, organize, and disseminate information about these opportunities as they become available, USF Research & Innovation has developed a webpage with information about COVID-19 related research funding opportunities that is now available online. We will continue to update this webpage as new funding opportunities become available.

Thank you for the important work that you do every day that impacts the research community at USF and around the world. Please keep our students, faculty, staff and their families and community partners in your thoughts as you go about your day, as we will keep you in ours—as always, please call on us if we can answer questions or be of service to you at this time.

All the best,

Paul R. Sanberg, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation & Knowledge Enterprise
University of South Florida

Data Use Agreements

Dear USF Research Community,

As we continue to adjust and adapt to the challenging times we find ourselves in, we are continually finding new ways to teach, work, learn and interact virtually.

Many of you have already adjusted to working remotely; that may include ongoing research activity that can be conducted outside of a laboratory environment.

While USF Research & Innovation encourages this important work to continue remotely whenever possible, please take a moment to review the terms and conditions of your agreements, such as awarded project, contracts, or data use agreements, as well as any relevant guidelines from your funding agency.

It is important to note that USF’s obligations contained within those guidelines—and your obligations as a researcher—remain in full effect. In particular, this includes any data use, IT security, or physical security requirements of your agreement including any restrictions related to data security, or the use of remote or cloud-based servers.

Please note that the processing of new or renewal data use agreements, or contracts that include data security requirements, may be delayed during this time. We must continue to meet the obligations of our agreements, but the challenges of working remotely may make it difficult for our teams to evaluate the data security protocols in place at this time. For now, if we can meet the obligations of an agreement, the agreement will go through normal procedures for approval and signatures. However, if we cannot meet the obligations of an agreement, USF will be holding the agreement for final approval and signature until USF can meet the obligations of the agreement.

At present, USF IT Security is working with vendors to develop possible alternative technologies.  We are hopeful that in the coming days we will receive additional guidance from funding agencies that announce approved alternate methods for accessing data, or the temporary relaxing of relevant policies in response to adjusted working locations related to the growing concern for COVID-19.

Should you have any questions or need to contact your sponsoring agency for clarification or permissions related to these guidelines, please contact your assigned Sponsored Research Administrator (PDF) to ensure that guidance is received from the appropriate authorized official and to safeguard your research by appropriately documenting your project file.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with adherence to sponsor guidance as the stewards of sponsored funding. Please visit www.usf.edu/coronavirus for the latest updates from USF on the coronavirus.

All the best,

Paul R. Sanberg, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation & Knowledge Enterprise
University of South Florida

Weekly Update - Fall 2019 PERT Reports

Due to the COVID-19 Sponsored Research has revised the due date to 4/10/2020
If the date needs to be changed again we will revise at that time
Please certify as soon as possible


View the weekly status report (PDF) showing the percentage of Effort reports certified. As a reminder, reports are due March 27, 2020. The reporting period for Fall 2019 is 8/07/2019-12/19/2019. The pay periods included in this term are PPE 08/08/2019 – 12/26/2019. For those reports where the first or last pay period will be prorated rather than fully included or excluded, the prorating schedule is as follows: PPE 8/08/2019 is prorated at 20%. PPE 12/26/2019 is prorated at 50%.

Reports should be reviewed for any outstanding payroll transfers (RETS) to ensure accurate reporting of all effort.

All USF personnel involved in the conduct of sponsored projects that are federally funded or that provide cost sharing to a sponsored project are required to attend mandatory PERT training. Certifiers may access this training at: https://www.usf.edu/research-innovation/sr/pa/pert-training.aspx.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns at ebare@usf.edu or juliadunn@usf.edu.

Important information regarding donated materials purchased on sponsored awards

Dear Research Community,

In response to COVID 19, USF Health has been receiving donations, such as boxes of gloves, from USF researchers. The donations are appreciated, however, if the donated item(s) were purchased on sponsored awards, the expense(s) of the donated item(s) must be removed from the sponsored award and moved to an unrestricted funding source by submitting an expenditure transfer. When departments prepare the expenditure transfer they should move the expense to an unrestricted funding source with product code “COV019” to support possible FEMA reimbursement.

Please visit www.usf.edu/coronavirus for the latest updates