Life Cycle Steps

4. Award Negotiation


  • DRA assists the PI and Sponsored Research, as needed in negotiations with sponsors on project scope and budget (Sponsored Research does the actual negotiating).

  • Sponsored Research negotiates with sponsor to ensure terms and conditions are compliant with USF policies and practices.

  • Sponsored Research submits contract (not grant) terms and conditions to General Counsel (GC) for review and and approval as to form and legality.

  • Sponsored Research submits Intellectual Property (IP) terms and conditions to Patents & Licensing (P&L) for review and approval of IP related issues and non-standard clauses.

  • Sponsored Research works with PI/DRA/GC/P&L/Sponsor on negotiation issues to finalize agreement.

  • Sponsored Research, as the delegated authority, signs sponsored agreements on behalf of the University (Sponsored Research provides institutional signature).

  • PI begins process for obtaining IRB, IACUC, Biohazard, Radioactive Materials, and/or Diving Safety approvals, as applicable. (Just-in-time procedures require compliance approval at the proposal stage).