Life Cycle Steps

6. Award Setup


  • Sponsored Research receives notification of award or executed agreement and notifies PI/DRA via email.

  • PI/DRA submits Grant Budget Release (GBR), used to establish project budgets, and if not previously submitted the Internal Form, used for official approval to seek funding, and compliance approvals to Sponsored Research.

  • PI/DRA provides subaccount details and documents to Sponsored Research, if applicable.

  • Sponsored Research assigns Project ID and distributes Research Award Notice (RAN) and related documents to PI/DRA/Sponsored Research Post Award via email.

  • Sponsored Research Post Award completes the project setup in FAST and notifies PI/DRA/Payroll via email.

  • Payroll issues GEMS Combo codes for project salary distributions via reply email to PI/DRA/Sponsored Research Post Award.

  • PI/DRA submits FAST Workflow Request Form, used to set up purchasing process approvals, via email to Controller's Office.

  • PI/DRA submits Section E, of the FAST Access Request Form, used to set up Travel workflow process approvals.

  • Sponsored Research drafts subcontract and routes for approvals.