Life Cycle Steps

7. Financial / Tech Admin

(Financial / Technical Administration Process)


  • DRA assists the PI with the appropriate administration of the project by serving as a knowledgeable resource for the PI in the interpretation and application of rules, policies, and procedures.

  • PI/DRA internally tracks budget, encumbrances, salary and subcontract commitments, and expenses.

  • PI initiates and DRA coordinates recruitment efforts and personnel appointments of individuals hired, continued, or terminated on project.

  • PI/DRA submits payroll distributions for personnel on project.

  • PI/DRA processes 3rd Party Payment Request for students working on project as approved in the budget.

  • PI/DRA ensures that travel is authorized, expended and reimbursed according to University and sponsor policies and procedures.

  • PI/DRA makes purchases and incurs expenses on the project as allowable according to University and sponsor policies and procedures.

  • DRA processes receipt of goods according to USF policy and Florida Statute for prompt vendor payment (within 5 days of receipt of goods and services).

  • If grant/contract includes a subcontract, PI/DRA reviews subcontract terms and monitors subrecipient billing and deliverables for compliance. PI reviews and approves subcontractor invoices and submits for payment.

  • DRA ensures that ledgers are reconciled on a monthly basis and investigates any discrepancies. DRA provides monthly financial reports to the PI and assists in monitoring encumbrances and expenditures to ensure accurate and appropriate charging is taking place.

  • PI/DRA prepares documents and provides justification to Sponsored Research for rebudgeting, as appropriate.

  • PI/DRA tracks cost sharing commitment to ensure commitment is met.

  • DRA reviews Remaining Spending Authority (RSA) Check on biweekly basis to ensure payroll distributions are correct prior to payroll posting.

  • DRA prepares and submits expenditure transfers, as appropriate, through RNS (Right Now Service).

  • DRA reviews and adjusts, as necessary, PERT reports for department and compares the calculated effort based on pay distribution to committed effort.

  • PI provides sponsor with deliverables and non-financial reports as outlined in award terms and conditions. In the role of supporting the PI, the DRA may be involved in facilitating timely submission.

  • PI/DRA provides information to Sponsored Research Post Award on pending transactions not yet posted to FAST; Sponsored Research Post Award provides sponsor with financial reports.

  • PI/DRA/Sponsored Research/Sponsor discusses any re-negotiations of terms and conditions of award. Sponsored Research requests sponsor approval, when required, and notifies Sponsored Research Post Award as appropriate.

  • PI prepares carry forward requests as needed; Sponsored Research submits requests to sponsor and notifies Sponsored Research Post Award.

  • PI/DRA provides documentation for audit requests, as needed.