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The Toolbox provides the USF research community with quick links to guides and instructions, tools and forms, online training and more, for each phase of the research administration life cycle.

Search for Funding

Academic Analytics

Academic Analytics
- Enables faculty to find targeted funding opportunities, connect with faculty, and access scholarly data.

Proposal Development

Proposal Submission

Award Setup and Financial / Technical Administration (Project Management)

  • FAST: Financial Accounting SysTem 
  • Rosetta Stone FAST Queries:
    • U_KK_ROSETTA: Crosswalk query between Budget Accounts and GL Expense Accounts. Enter an Account value (or partial Account value %) for one prompt and return a listing of related Accounts based on the Account Rollup Trees used in Commitment Control. Do not enter values for both prompts. Both prompts can also be left blank to get a complete listing.
    • U_KK_ROSETTA_ITEM: Similar to the query above, but correlates the Budget Accounts and GL Expense Accounts with Purchasing Item Categories.

  • Remaining Spending Authority (RSA) Check Guide (PDF)
  • Rapid Reconciliation Tool (Excel) - This macro-enabled Excel workbook tracks expenses for required monthly reconciliations to the USF Finance Mart and displays projected estimated award expenses, i.e. "burn rate." The tool is a recommended option for USF award reconciliation.
  • Personnel Effort Reporting (PERT) Resources

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