STEM Collaborative | University of South Florida System

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With fewer than 40% of students who enter college intending to major in STEM fields, USF is committed to pioneering in STEM education to further establish the Tampa Bay region as a high-impact, sustainable hub of STEM excellence*. That’s why in 2014 the USF System STEM Collaboration was commissioned.

Representatives from USF Campuses, USF Health, and USF Research and Innovation work together to examine STEM activity across the USF System and greater Tampa Bay Region. Collaboration has proved imperative in promoting and creating meaningful interactions between groups of STEM educators, students, community and business leaders.

By implementing the best STEM practices in teaching, communication, and community collaborations, USF can fill the abundance of available jobs in this growing field.

If interested in joining, please contact Assistant Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives Peter Stiling.

*National Center for Education Statistics