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Learning Outcomes

Student Affairs' learning outcomes describe the specific student behaviors that show the acquisition of desired knowledge, skills, abilities, capacities, attitudes or dispositions that we strive for in our work.

1. Critical Thinking
Integrate complex information gathered from various sources and points of view as a guide for personal beliefs and actions.

2. Effective Communication
Exchange and/or comprehend information and/or ideas through verbal and nonverbal expression.

3. Leadership Development
Involves the ability to engage and positively empower self and others to inspire a shared vision, act with integrity, and work for effective action.

4. Personal Responsibility
Acknowledge one's feelings, actions, and perceptions in relation to others and the environment and understand how they are influenced by choices from the past, decisions in the present, and the potential impact they have on the future.

5. Multicultural Maturity and Competency
Understand one's own identity and culture, seek involvement with people and experiences different from oneself, and value the positive impact diversity has on a global society.

6. Social Responsibility
Understand the obligation for involvement and positive contributions to individuals, communities, and others

7. Well-Being
Integrate physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health and harmony