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Dear former students and friends of USF's Recreation & Wellness department:

We need your help!  Recreation & Wellness has established a Foundation Account that can be utilized to help in a variety of ways.

When class ends, we begin. The University of South Florida is more than just academics. In order to receive a well-rounded education, students are able to participate in intramurals, sports clubs, outdoor recreation, fitness activities, aquatic opportunities, and various student leadership development programs through either employment or leadership in student organizations.

Recreation & Wellness helps students receive internships, become leaders and get ready to embark on their chosen career. We provide counseling to student employees, job readiness workshops for student employees, organize team building activities for all student employee groups, and award deserving student employees scholarships that help defer the cost of their education. We create a home away from home while ensuring each student is receiving the best possible education - inside and outside of the classroom.

Our department's responsibility is to enhance every student's development by complementing the academic experience with access to opportunities for cultural experiences, leadership and civic engagement and the appropriate tools for personal growth. Our university must continue to provide resources to expand our emphasis on the whole student.

Private support in several key areas will allow us to meet the needs of today's University of South Florida students and help each one develop into a responsible, healthy, civically engaged leader. Recreation & Wellness depends upon private support used in a variety of ways; student development, operations, student employee resources staff morale, and most importantly, creating a pool of resources that will enhance the efforts to build the USF Wellness Center. The USF Wellness Center will enable our department, Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, Wellness Education and Promotion and Victim's Advocacy to share a common building that will enhance all of the services from one location for easy referrals and access. The Wellness Center will add greatly needed space for the expanding Recreation & Wellness in the form of increased basketball courts, an indoor climbing wall, increased fitness spaces, an improved Outdoor Recreation Center, and improved aquatic and locker room facilities.

Your help, no matter how large or small, will help countless students. The Recreation & Wellness experience was hopefully one that you fully enjoyed. Pass this wonderful opportunity on to new and incoming students. Give to Campus Recreation Fund #59-0200!"

Thank you!

Eric Hunter
Campus Recreation

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The fund is 590200 - Campus Recreation Operating Fund