Summer Swim Programs

Summer 2021 | All swim programs are temporarily paused. We expect a full schedule to resume in the Fall.

Swim With Me

This class builds confidence and allows infants and children age 3 months to 3 years feel safe, happy, and secure exploring the water. As the Parent/Guardian, you will be the swim instructor and provide a "hands-on" approach toward the process. You will learn proper ways to teach your child how to swim that will provide a comfortable atmosphere and a learning environment for the child and the parent.

Preschool Aquatics

Gives young children between the ages of 3 and 6 a positive, developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experience that emphasizes water safety, survival and fundamental swimming concepts. Skills are age-appropriate, helping participants achieve success on a regular basis while in a class environment with their peers.

Learn to Swim

The Learn to Swim program is designed to teach children age 6 to 15 how to swim in a safe and fun environment. In a class setting, children and teens are encouraged to foster social skills while being motivated with positive reinforcement by each instructor. Children and teens will be taught swimming and water safety skills so you and your child will be at ease in and around the pool.