Equipment Checkout


Recreation & Wellness offers a number of sport and fitness equipment for rental use within the USF Campus Recreation Center (REC). This equipment is available to all students and Recreations & Wellness members with a valid USF ID Card. Bicycles and outdoor equipment are available for rent via the Outdoor Resource Center.

Daily Use Equipment Checkout 

To check out daily use equipment, please visit the Equipment Room located next to the cardio floor, in the REC.

All equipment is available free of charge on a first come first serve basis. Equipment must be returned the same day it is checked out, unless a long term reservation has been placed.

Racquetball court reservations are also available, in one hour intervals. Only one court may be requested per person. To reserve a court please call the equipment room at (813) 974-3608. All reservations will be forfeited if the court is not claimed within ten minutes of the hour.

Basketballs (M/W) Racquetballs Soccer Balls
Handballs Squash Balls Volleyballs
Tennis Balls Dodge Balls Footballs
Medicine Balls Jump Ropes Resistance Bands
Weight Lifting Belts Dip Belts Flag Belts
Core Rollers Wrist Rollers Squash Racket
Badminton Racket Racquetball Racket Tennis Racket
Lap Counters Racquetball Goggles Multi-Sport Bases
Shuttlecocks Stop Watches Kick Balls

Overnight Equipment Checkout

The equipment listed in the following table may be borrowed free of charge for up to three days by USF students, Recreation & Wellness members, faculty, and staff with a valid USF ID. Visit the Equipment Room to check out overnight equipment.

Cone Sets (set of 12) Corn Hole (set of 2) Kan Jam (set of 2)      
Dodgeball Set (set of 5) Flag Football Flags (set of 14) Tug-O-War Rope
Football Ultimate Flying Disk Multi-Sport Base
Kickball Outdoor Men's Basketball

 Late Fees

Equipment reservations can be made for up to 3 consecutive days. For all equipment that is not returned within its proper time frame a $5.00 fee will be assessed, per day. After 5 days, a replacement fee will be assessed at the value of the item(s).  Entry to any Recreation & Wellness facility will not be allowed until the fee is paid.

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