Policies | Fitness

Last Updated:  June 19, 2021

  1. Appropriate athletic attire and closed-toed footwear is required to utilize Recreation & Wellness facilities . 
  2. Clean towels are highly encouraged for personal use.
  3. Thoroughly clean equipment before and after each use using provided Gym Wipes.
  4. Use of personal equipment (e.g. bands, attachments, bars) is not permitted. A variety of equipment is available at the Equipment Checkout Desk at the REC with your USF ID. Return Equipment Checkout items promptly after use.
  5. Please limit the use of cardio equipment to 30 minutes during 1) peak times | 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM and 2) when all machines are occupied.
  6. Cell phone use is not permitted while using equipment.
  7. Bags of any kind (e.g. backpacks, equipment/workout bags, and purses) are not permitted in the fitness areas.
  8. Complimentary day-use lockers are available on the fitness floors and in the student locker rooms. Recreation & Wellness is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.
  9. Food, chewing gum, and tobacco use of any kind is not permitted in any Fitness area. Only spill-proof water bottles are permitted in fitness areas, including the Group Fitness studios.
  10. Participants are required to use equipment for its intended purposes and maintain safety at all times.
  11. Personal training, or any fitness consultation, by anyone other than a certified personal trainer or fitness staff employed by Recreation & Wellness, while on shift, is strictly prohibited.
  12. Report any accidents, injuries, or broken equipment immediately to the Facilities Staff on duty.
  13. Personal items should be stored in lockers or cubbies.
  14. Participants are required to abide by all posted policies and staff member directions.

All users are expected to do their part to RESPECT the REC! For clarification on policies or assistance please see the Facilities Staff on duty.