Policies | Indoor Track

Last Update:  June 10, 2021

The indoor track is located in the Campus Recreation Center (REC), circling above the East Gym floor.  

  1. All Recreation & Wellness General Policies will be enforced.
  2. Enter the track with caution.
  3. Participants must use the track in the designated direction. The track direction changes daily and is indicated at the entrance to the track.
  4. Walkers should use the inside lanes and runners should use the outside lanes.
  5. Appropriate athletic shoes must be worn. No spiked shoes, turf shoes, sandals, or open-toed shoes are permitted.
  6. All footwear must be dry and free of dirt before participating.
  7. Standing, horseplay, spectating, and/or stretching are not permitted on the track lanes.
  8. Throwing or dropping items to or from the track is prohibited.
  9. No more than two runners or walkers side by side.
  10. The track is 1/12 of a mile; therefore 12 laps in the center lane equals one (1) mile.