Policies | Platforms

Last Update:  June 19, 2021

These policies cover the Platforms & Functional Training areas located in the Campus Recreation Center (REC).

  1. Users are expected 1) to be proficient in barbell movement and 2) to maintain control of their weights.
  2. Bumper plates and Olympics bars must stay in the platform area.
  3. Compressed chalk is allowed on the lifting platforms.  Please clean chalk residue using the wipes provided.
  4. Loose chalk is prohibited.  
  5. User may stand on resistance bands while on the lifting platforms.  Bands may not be attached to bumper-plate storage racks or platforms.
  6. No decagon-shaped weights more than 10 pounds (lbs) are to be used on the platforms.  If over 10lbs, then all weights must be the Olympic bumper plates.
  7. Slam balls may be thrown at the wall only within the designated area.
  8. Clips are required on all barbell exercises.
  9. During peak times, please allow others to work in.
  10. At the conclusion of your workout, all bumper plates and clips are to be cleared from the bar and put back in the proper location.