Policies | Riverfront Pavilion

Last Update:  June 10, 2021

Boathouse Phone | (813) 987-6840

Large Groups | Jason Gosch | (813) 974-9376

  1. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted at Riverfront Park at any time.
  2. No glass bottles may be used at Riverfront Park.
  3. Your group is responsible for cleaning up the pavilion area after use. Please place recyclable material and trash in the proper receptacles.
  4. Upon arrival and departure, please check in and out at the boathouse. Before leaving, a staff member will review the pavilion area. Failure to check out may result in forfeiture of any Riverfront Park reservation requests in the future. For reservations occurring while the boathouse is closed, please be sure to keep a copy of the reservation confirmation email at the pavilion with the group.
  5. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Owners must carry a bag to clean up after the dog.
  6. No vehicles will be allowed to drive or park by the pavilions. Groups with catering concerns may make prior arrangements with 1) the Riverfront Park supervisor or 2) by calling the boathouse.
  7. No loud music will be tolerated at the pavilion area. The Riverfront Park staff determines when music is too loud.
  8. Absolutely no water balloons and no "silly string".
  9. Challenge course activities may not be used without challenge course staff supervision.
  10. Canoeing is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Large groups can make arrangements in advance to be billed for boat rentals after their event.