Student Organizations - Semester Requests

Reservation Instructions

Each Student Organization will be allowed to request either: two one-hour time blocks per week or one two-hour time block per week. If your organization needs more time, each request will be assessed on a case by case basis. Student organizations will be allotted no more than six hours of practice time per week. Fifteen minutes will be added between each organization's meetings to allot time for clean-up. This will be noted on the room schedules.

Requests will not be accepted before the first day of the current semester. All requests are done on a first-come, first-served basis and you will be notified of your reservation status. Student organization requests will be processed and assigned by the end of the second week of the semester. If there are conflicting reservations, you will be contacted by the Special Events Coordinator.

You must complete the online request form in order to formally make a request. Please send the completed form to rparrino@usf.edu. Prior to using the reserved space, the President of your organization must sign a space reservations contract and attend the mandatory President meeting.

Please contact Rosalia Parrino at rparrino@usf.edu or (813) 974-3979 if you have any further questions or need clarification.

Reservation Guidelines

The organization must be a recognized student organization in good standing by the University through the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement. If you have questions about your standing as an organization contact the CLCE at (813) 974-7912. Student Organizations are allowed one event (1-2 days) each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) without paying a facility rental fee. Any secondary or additional reservations during the specified term will results in facility rental fees, which are listed on the Facility Rental Options page.

Student Organizations may be charged fees for direct costs such as event staffing, lifeguards, custodial, security, lights, field lining, restrooms, etc. Additional fees may be charged to the organization for damages to the facilities during the reservation. Student Organizations with outstanding balances or in bad standing with the University will not be allowed to reserve facility space until the outstanding balance is paid and they are cleared through the University.

If you are interested in an activity that requires you to utilize the fields for more than a single event, please contact the Sport Club office at (813) 974-6326 and find out if you qualify as a Sport Club. Student Organizations are not allowed to make on-going reservations at the fields.

Student Organization reservations are subject to be canceled or relocated due to special event bookings in the Campus Recreation Center. You will receive notification from Campus Recreation of any modification to your reservation. Reservations are also subject to change due to any break week or holiday. Reoccurring reservation requests for indoor facilities will take place at the beginning of each semester within the first two weeks.

Reservation Application

Campus Recreation accepts reservation application via email, mail, or fax.
Please address applications to Rachel Stepien c/o USF Campus Recreation.


(813) 974-3979

Rosalia Parrino c/o USF Campus Recreation
4202 E Fowler Ave,
REC 111
Tampa FL, 33620