Fall 2020


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Our Membership Services team is working remotely during Fall 2020.  See our FAQs below for the most common questions about memberships, lockers, and towel service.

You can reach us at campusrec@usf.edu for any inquiries or feedback.


Why is the Membership Services office closed?

The office space inside is not conducive for meeting the social distancing requirements.  We will remain closed from Aug. 24th – Sept. 20th (potentially longer, based on safety guidelines).  Please email membership services at campusrec@usf.edu if you have additional questions that are not covered in the Q&A.

Will my membership be extended to cover the period you were closed?

Yes.  All membership will be "made whole" based on the type and duration of your agreement with us.  

Are the lockers rooms open?

No.  Locker rooms in both the Campus Recreation Center (REC) and the FIT are closed.

How can I access my locker?

Drop us an email at campusrec@usf.edu and we'll arrange an appointment for you to access your locker. 

Where can I drop my gear when I come for a workout?

Day-lockers will be available on the cardio and strength floors. 

Is towel service available?

No.  Towel service has been suspended until further notice.

Will my towel and/or locker service be extended?

Yes.  Your agreement will be extended -- at a later date -- based on the original expiration date of your contract and when the locker and/or towel service becomes available.

Can those with WELL + FIT membership use the REC?

Yes.  While the WELL remains closed, we have expanded all WELL + FIT membership to include access to the REC.

How can I make changes to my membership?

Please contact Membership Services at campusrec@usf.edu 

I am not currently a member.  Can I join?

Only USF Faculty & Staff are currently eligible for new memberships.  You must have a valid USF ID.  Visit our new members page and email and questions to our team at campusrec@usf.edu

I cancelled my membership during the closure.  Can I restart it?

Send us an email at campusrec@usf.edu 

Can I continue to freeze my membership, even after you reopen?

Yes.  Please email us at campusrec@usf.edu 

Can I receive a refund for the time you were closed?

No monetary refunds are being issued.  Instead, we are extended active memberships to ensure you get the full value of your agreement.

Can I bring a guest?

No.  Guests are prohibited while the university is in Phase 2. 

Can I speak to someone about my membership payroll deductions?

Of course.  Please reach out to our Membership Coordinator, Renee Seay (rseay@usf.edu).