Challenge Course


Low Ropes Course

low ropes

The USF low ropes course uses a series of teambuilding games and activites to help groups develop skills such as leadership, problem solving, and communication. This course is a great way to encourage bonding, tackle challenges, and strengthen a team. The activities range in height from ground level to 12 feet and are selected based on the group’s desired learning outcomes, physical activity, and contact level. There will be no climbing or using harnesses/helmets.

Portable Course

Are you looking for a fun, hand-on experience that will strength your team, but prefer that we come to you? Add a unique element to any event by booking a portable low ropes program, in which our trained facilitators bring a variety of teambuilding activities to different locations in the Tampa area! 

High Ropes Course

ropes course

This course emphasizes healthy risk-taking and trust. The 50ft. course includes three levels filled with 20 unique challenges that enable participants to expand their comfort zones; once at the top, participants can choose to take the ultimate leap of faith on our zipline. Includes climbing and the use of a harness, helmet, and ropes. *There is a lb. weight limit on all High Ropes Course elements including the zipline.*



This Low Ropes add-on allows participants to experience just the tandem zipline portion of the high ropes course. Great for groups limited on time and interested in ending their day of team building on a high note. Includes climbing and the use of a harness, helmet, and ropes. *There is a weight limit on the zip line*

Power Pole

This Low Ropes add-on gives participants the challenge of highs with the team building focus of lows. In this freestanding element, the climber becomes the obstacle as the rest of group must coordinate their efforts to safely belay their teammate up and off the element. Includes climbing and the use of a hairness, helmet, and ropes. 


Traditional Teambuilding
  USF Groups Nonprofit/Schools Non-USF Groups
Low Ropes/ Portable Half Day (2-4 hours) $10/person $15/person $20/person
Low Ropes/Portable Full Day (5-7 hours) $15/person $20/person $30/person
High Ropes Only $15/person $20/person $25/person
Low & High Ropes Only $25/person $35/person $45/person
Add On  Price Added Time
Zip Line $10/person 2 Hours
Power Pole $5/person 1-2 Hours