Sport Clubs

Join a Club


  • Must be a USF student, enrolled in at least one credit hour. Some club governing bodies have additional requirements for competition team members.
  • All experience levels welcome. Please note that some clubs may require you to acquire a minimum skill or fitness level before you are allowed to fully participate in all club activities.

How to Join

  • Contact the club president or attend a practice or event. All club contact, practice, and event information can be found under Current Clubs.

Complete Your Waiver

What to Expect

  • All sport clubs funded by Student Government are free to join. However, club members may need to fund raise or pay out of pocket for some expenses, such as equipment, apparel, or travel.
  • Some clubs will hold tryouts to determine travel teams. Individuals who do not make a club's travel team are still club members and may participate in non-competition club activities.
  • The frequency of practices and level of competition varies from club to club. For more information, please contact the club. You may also reference the club's Classification Level.


  • The University holds no blanket insurance policy for sport club participants.
  • All club participants are strongly encouraged to purchase personal comprehensive accident/health insurance.
  • An injured participant is responsible for all financial obligations incurred and any treatment necessitated by injury.

Medical Considerations

  • It is highly recommended that all club participants receive a physical examination from a physician prior to participation.
  • All club participants have access to Athletic Training services. Participants are encouraged to discuss with the Athletic Trainer any known physical conditions which may limit participation.
  • All club participants are encouraged to wear proper dress and appropriate protective equipment. If the participant chooses not to use such equipment, the participant must realize that he/she is doing so at his/her own risk.


  • The Sport Club Program does not support hazing in any form. For more information on hazing and how to keep it out of your organization, please visit