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Vinny Dehili

Vinny Dehili
Good News Everyone!

I've created a digital pathway for you to learn about me and my conscious process through reading this! My name is Dr. Vinny Dehili. I'm a Licensed Psychologist and the Group Coordinator at the Counseling Center. But let's take a step back through time to get to know the real me. I was born and raised in Ormond Beach Florida with my family's background hailing from Algeria on my father's side and from Canada and my mother's adopted side. I was a simple nerdy kid, enjoying video games, listening to Ska far past when it was somewhat cool, and spending time with family, friends, and my various pets.

Back in my youth, I lived a young person's dream of running away and joining the circus while I studied at Florida State University. This highlights an important part of my character: always wanting to make the most of a stressful situation. Life tends to throw more balls to juggle at us than we can handle. I try to improve my ability to accept the things outside of my control while still committing to working towards my values, hopefully with some laughs along the way. This view of life fits with my ACT based therapy orientation. Stress, anxiety, and depression are inevitable, but how you view and react to it is within your control.

Clinical interests: Diversity is the spice of life, and when it comes to interests I've got quite a few, including Multiculturalism, Group Therapy, Supervision, Mindfulness, ADHD, Trauma, Career Counseling,

Approach to Supervision/Training: When it comes to supervision, my goal is to walk alongside you as you become the best, flexible version of yourself. To that end, I use Bernard and Goodyear's discrimination model to switch between the needs of a particular situation with a specific supervisee, focusing on the "process" as well as helping as a teacher, counselor, or consultant when needed.

Affiliations & Roles: Group Coordinator at USF Counseling Center; Board member and Director of Marketing for the Florida Group Psychotherapy Society; Board member and Consultation Coordinator for the AGPA College Counseling SIG; and last but not least member of the Brightside crew at USF Counseling Center, focusing on promoting a positive fun experience at the counseling center.