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Reuben Faloughi

Reuben Faloughi


My name is Reuben Faloughi, Ph.D. and I am a staff clinician at the Counseling Center.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to serve the USF community, especially USF students journeying through higher education. In my work as a therapist, I aim to co-create a warm, collaborative, goal-oriented, and growth-oriented space for clients to work towards personal and academic success. My goal is to empower clients to realize the power they have to influence their life through the development of knowledge, skills, and awareness. I am excited about the opportunity to help students navigate the complexity of personal, social, and academic challenges that college and life bring.

I was born and raised in Georgia to Nigerian parents that instilled values of education, respect, and hard work. These values have helped me navigate higher education and my continued development as a change agent. I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Georgia (B.A.) and had the opportunity to play collegiate football, which sparked my interests in individual and institutional behavior. Next, I completed my graduate training at the University of Missouri (M.Ed. & Ph.D.) and had the opportunity to develop my identity and passion as a helper and change agent. While not offering services to the USF community, I enjoy reading, cooking, music, connecting with others, and traveling.

Clinical Interests: Multicultural Counseling, Identity Development, Conflict Resolution, Team-Building, Diversity and Social Justice Education (@ the individual, institutional, societal levels)

Approach to Supervision/Training: I supervise using Bernard and Goodyear’s Discrimination Model grounded in Feminist Supervision.

Affiliations & Roles: At the Counseling Center, I am a member of the Professional Development committee and the Committee on Diversity & Inclusion