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Nick Joyce

Nick Joyce

My name is Nick Joyce and I am a staff psychologist here at USF. I enjoy working with students and have previously worked at the University of Akron, University of Michigan and Purdue University before coming to Florida. I went to a Catholic high school that had the motto of educating "men for others," which is a value I hold for myself and my profession. One of the things that drew me to USF and keeps me here is the diversity of our students and the various backgrounds and identities they carry. In my free time I enjoy comedy, movies and play competitive ultimate frisbee.

I practice a style of therapy that comes out of Eastern notions of mental health and is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Therapy is goal oriented and we examine what obstacles impact your behavior and functioning. Everyone has "blind spots" that develop over our lives as we are impacted by family, friends, and society in general. We break problems down into smaller units of specific behaviors that may not be functional anymore because of these unknown blind spots. Once you have greater awareness of these behaviors you can begin changing them if need be. Ultimately, we figure out what it is you are avoiding and learn how to better deal with that thing.

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Clinical Interests: Mindfulness, positive psychology, anxiety, depression, identity development, power and oppression, gender issues, relationships and couples work, performance and motivation, substance use technology.

Approach to Supervision/Training: Integrative Developmental Model. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy theory related style.

Affiliations & Roles: Online Technology Coordinator, Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, USF Committee on Male Retention