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Jordie Poncy

Jordie Poncy
Hi There! My name is Jordie Poncy and I am a staff psychologist at the USF Counseling Center. I enjoy serving the USF community by providing individual and group counseling, as well as outreach programming.

I am originally from Palm Beach County in south Florida. I have also lived in North Carolina, Texas, and Arizona. As a member of the USF Counseling Center, I particularly appreciate working with students who have a variety of needs and goals. For example, I enjoy helping students increase their self-knowledge, manage relationships, engage in healthy behaviors, meet personal and academic goals, enhance communication skills, overcome social anxieties, and improve self-esteem. I work primarily from an interpersonal process perspective. This means I help students reflect on how they interact with others and explore how these patterns influence goal achievement. This facilitates thought-provoking and meaningful conversations. I especially enjoy exploring how students' unique backgrounds and cultures shape their values and worldviews. I find working with USF students inspiring and rewarding. Thanks for your interest in our services!

Clinical Interests: grief counseling, health-related problems, adjustment concerns, self-compassion, men's issues, sleep difficulties, social anxiety

Approach to Supervision/Training: Competency-Based Supervision Model

Affiliation & Roles: Member of the Professional Development Committee and lead a seminar on consultation for the doctoral internship program.