Postdoctoral Fellowship

Application Process

For the 2019-2020 Training Year:

Initial review of applications will begin December 3, 2018 and will continue on a rolling basis. Preferred candidates will be offered Skype interviews between January 16 and January 31, 2019, and offers will be made on or before February 25, 2018. Incomplete applications will not receive full consideration.

The selected candidates will be invited to complete a USF online application to initiate the hiring process, and will be subject to a Level 2 Background Check. The following application requirements must be uploaded in the APPA CAS or sent directly to the Postdoctoral Training Coordinator:

  1. A cover letter outlining your specific interests in our program.
  2. Current curriculum vita
  3. Three letters of recommendation (referred to as “evaluations” within the APPA CAS portal), at least one of which must be from an internship supervisor.
  4. A letter from dissertation chair regarding dissertation status and anticipated completion date.
  5. A statement from the internship training director indicating good standing in the program and expected completion date (if the internship is already completed, please submit certificate or similar documentation).
  6. Graduate transcripts
  7. One document answering the following questions:
    1. USF attracts a diverse population of students and as such, we are interested in attracting applicants from diverse backgrounds as well as applicants who have experience working with diverse populations. Please briefly share your relevant experiences. (1-2 paragraph maximum).If you are applying to the Counseling Center Track or Hybrid Track, have you ever had a graduate school training      experience (practicum, externship, internship) in a counseling center setting?
    2. If you have had experiences in a counseling center setting, please briefly describe your experiences (1-2 paragraph maximum).Have you ever had a graduate school training experience (practicum, externship, internship) in a healthcare setting?
    3. If you are applying to the BHC or Dual Site Track, please briefly describe your experiences working in a healthcare setting (1-2 paragraph maximum).
    4. If you are applying to the Dual Site Track, please briefly describe your experience with psychological assessment (1-2 paragraphs maximum).

In your materials, please identify the track for which you are applying. You may express interest in more than one track. Please note that if your dissertation chair and/or training director are recommendation letter writers, they can provide the required statements as a part of their letters.

Please email any questions to Dr. Jonathan Mitchell, Postdoctoral Training Coordinator, at Please send your email with "USF PD Question" in your subject line.