LOVE over hate

Love over hate


“United, We Shape the Future”

USF’s Commitment to Honor expresses our “resolve to respect the dignity and intrinsic value of all persons.”

The goals of this campaign are to activate this commitment in the following ways:

Appreciation: Wear our “Love over hate” buttons to create a visual representation of your commitment to a culture of respect.

Education: of students, faculty and staff on the many resources, programs and services currently offered to assist the community in creating a more inclusive environment

Participation: in attending and providing opportunities to facilitate development of further programs that increase respectful dialogue, become more competent in building an environment of mutual respect and inclusion, and respond to instances that violate the values of this community.

How to Get Involved:  Wear your buttons; post the flyers in offices and common spaces; tweet about it; and talk about it.  Participate in and sponsor educational programs and discourse forums.  Be on the lookout for more opportunities to spread the Love!

We know that Love can overcome hate and that is why United, we Shape the Future.


Shaun Harper

Fostering & Sustaining an Inclusive Campus Climate
Dr. Shaun Harper, Provost Professor
Rossier School of Education and the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California 

A Collaboration with:
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Center for Student Involvement
Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement

Values Celebration Week


National Student Success Conference



USF recognizes that the anniversary of the Parkland shooting tragedy is a difficult time for our community. Many in our community are survivors, friends or family of victims, or otherwise impacted.

We are providing an opportunity for the USF community to drop by the MLK wall on Thursday, February 14, 2019 from 10am – 2pm and observe a moment of reflection or the opportunity to talk with others in the community. There will be University staff there to support this event.

The Counseling Center is offering an Open Discussion Hour for any MSD graduates. This will occur in the MSC 1306B from 2pm to 3pm on Thursday February 14. 
MSD alumni are coordinating their own remembrance ceremony. Please contact the Dean of Students office or an alumnus for detailed information.

As always our other support services are available and ready to support you as needed.
• Counseling Center 813-974-2831
• Students of Concern Assistance Team 813-974-6130
• Dean of Students Office 813-974-6677
In Bull pride,

 - Dean McDonald 

Parkland Remembrance