Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing department of Student Affairs is responsible for supporting the marketing and communications needs of the division's departments and for furthering the division's brand. Services include strategy and planning, copywriting, graphic design, and project management.

Conferencing & Special Events

The Conferencing & Special Events department is responsible for providing groups and organizations access to the variety of accommodations available on the USF campus. Whether you are planning a small meeting or a large event, our department is here to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Planning, Evaluation & Assessment

Our team is dedicated to strategically planning and setting goals for the future of the Student Affairs department and assessing how these are reached. We work to highlight the department's accomplishments and make sure to stay up on relevant research findings so that Student Affairs can continue to progress into the future.

Resource Management & Development

Resource Management & Development (RMD) provides high quality, cost-effective financial and human resources support services to the departments of Student Affairs.