Get Connected


Accessibility Services

Get the academic support and accommodations you need to be successful in the classroom and engaged in campus life.

Assistance & Guidance

Let us guide you on how to be a responsible and empowered part of the USF community. Our doors are always open to help with any situation you may experience as a student.

Campus Housing

College life is best when living right on campus, close to your classes and all the action. Live it here. Live it now.

Campus News

Stay informed of campus happenings with a copy of the The Oracle, USF's campus newspaper, and by scanning the weekly Note-a-Bull for announcements and events.


Hungry? Get a quick bite to eat or sit down to a meal with all the options available on campus.


Check out the many employment opportunities either on campus or off to earn money and gain marketable skills.

Financial Aid & Personal Finance Education

Whether you are looking for monies available to help you pay for your educational expenses or would like to learn how to better handle your personal finances, these offices can assist you.

Hanging Out

Meet up with friends to hang out, watch a movie, or hit the fourth floor gaming lounge in the Marshall Student Center.

Study, Meeting or Socializing Space

Check out the Marshall Student Center for a variety of places to study, meet, or socialize—from nooks and rooms to the theater and ballroom, we have space to suit your needs.

Veterans Services

Ease your transition from active duty to student life and make sure you get all the benefits you deserve as a veteran (or dependent).