• 1967 Fraternity and Sorority Community at USF is established. Founding organizations were Panhellenic and IFC organizations.

  • 1968 Conversations regarding the establishment of Greek housing begin.


  • 1972 First NPHC organizations established at USF.

  • March 1973 A proposal is submitted for fraternities to purchase apartments from the USF Foundation.

  • April 1973 There was no interest on behalf of the fraternities to purchase the apartment complex from the Foundation.


  • 1983 Plans for Greek housing located on W. Holly and Magnolia are stopped due to a lack of interest in part by Greek organizations.

  • 1985 Members of Sigma Nu Housing Corporation meet with Vice President of Student Affairs Dan Walbolt to again entertain the notion of Greek Park at USF.

  • 1986 USF identified the property on the corner of 50th Street and Fowler Avenue as the new Greek Park.


  • Feb. 1991 Greek housing location is moved because the established location was unsuitable for building housing. The University redesigns Greek Park and places it off of Elm Street.

  • 1994 First multicultural Greek organization is founded at USF.

  • 1998 Black Panhellenic Council becomes the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Also, conversations regarding groundbreaking for Greek Village begin between President Castor and Vice President Nixon.

  • July 1998 USFGHA officially formed.


  • 2001 Unified Greek Council is established.

  • 2004 Greek Village officially opens.

  • 2006 Office of Greek Life becomes a stand-alone office reporting directly to the Dean of Students. Number of staff members is increased from one Coordinator and two Graduate Assistants to one Director, one Coordinator, two Graduate Assistants and an Administrative Specialist.

  • 2008 An additional Coordinator is added to the office staff.

  • 2010 Standards of Fraternal Excellence and Fraternity and Sorority Expansion Committee are established.