Civic Engagement & Service

Civic Engagement Board

The Civic Engagement Board provides opportunities for University of South Florida Tampa campus students committed to service and community engagement. Comprised of student-led committees focused on helping USF students become active citizens, this board coordinates accessible, fun, and meaningful service events and projects for on and off campus experiences. This board also serves as a bridge in building intentional relationships between nonprofits in the community and student organizations on campus. The Civic Engagement Board affords its members leadership experiences through responsibilities that include managing event logistics, community partner relationships, and campus outreach.

The Civic Engagement Board develops service learning opportunities for University of South Florida students, focusing on  social issues that impact the Tampa Bay community. Additionally, the team also provides USF students with immersive Bulls Service Breaks opportunites. These experiences allow students to travel across the world to work hand in hand with community members around social issues such as Poverty and Hunger, Quality Education and Human Trafficking. 

The Civic Engagement Board Leadership 

Civic Engagement Board Chair: The Board Chair is responsible for advancing civic engagement education, training, and development in the CLCE and supporting a team of Vice Chairs and volunteers in the development, execution, and assessment of civic engagement programs, services, and initiatives. 

Volunteerism: The Volunteerism Committee develops and implements programs and services focused on moving students from Members to Volunteers on the Active Citizens Continuum through local civic engagement experiences that build reciprocal relationships between students and nonprofits in the community (may include but not limited to service events and volunteer opportunities on and off campus including Stampede of Service (SOS), volunteer fairs, developmental workshops and conferences, etc.). 

Immersive Experiences: The Immersive Experiences Committee develops and implements immersive, reflective programs and services focused on moving students from Volunteers to Conscientious Citizens on the Active Citizens Continuum through domestic and global immersive civic engagement experiences (may include but not limited to Bulls Service Breaks trips, Puerto Rico Service trips, international service trips, overnight experiences, service-learning partnerships, etc.). 

Active Citizenship: The Active Citizenship Committee develops and implements programs and services that build knowledge and understanding of the political, social, and economic context of their participation in society focused on moving students into Active Citizenship on the Active Citizen Continuum, (may include, but not be limited to, voter engagement, philanthropy, activism, controversy with civility, life-long civic engagement, etc.). 

Communications and Operations: The Communications and Operations Committee supports programs, services, and initiatives focused on civic engagement education, training, and development by coordinating logistics (room reservations, contracts, budget, etc.) and all communication efforts (marketing and promotion, BullSync management, etc.).