Leadership Development

Certified Student Leader Program

The Certified Student Leader Program is a co-curricular certification available to students at the University of South Florida who are interested in enhancing their leadership knowledge, application, and skills through a variety of leadership opportunities. These opportunities may be tailored to students' own interests, many of which are offered over the course of the academic year. Students may join this program at any point during their college career and will be enrolled as part of a cohort (see next section for more details). Students who complete the program and are in good academic standing will receive a certificate and will have the achievement noted on their co-curricular transcript.

Students who wish to enroll in the Certified Student Leader Program will be admitted as part of a cohort at the beginning of each semester. This means that each student will start, progress, and complete the program with the same group of students. Although students can join the CSL program at any time, cohorts are filled during the first month of the fall and spring semesters (September for fall semester and January for spring semester). Students who join the program outside of these enrollment periods will be a part of the next semester cohort. Once a student has joined the program and been added to a cohort, they will have three semesters (not including summer) to complete the components of the CSL program.

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Important Documents
CSL Participant Guide - Updated Fall 2015
Credit Verification Form
Coach's Manual - Updated Fall 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enroll in this program?
Students must be in good academic standing in their respective college to participate in the program. Otherwise, any University of South Florida student--whether they are full-time or part-time--undergraduate or graduate level--is welcome to participate!

How long does it take to finish the program?
Each student will complete three semesters after the start of their cohort semester. Note that this does not include the summer semesters. Once a student is added to a cohort, they get to decide what experiences to participate in. Therefore students will progress at different paces, but will still complete the program at the same time.

How do students enroll in this program?
Students can enroll by filling out an enrollment application.

Do students need to sign up for the workshops they wish to attend?
Depending on what workshops you may be interested in attending, students may be required to register for workshops they wish to attend due to high demand. Check with the office that offers the workshop that you are interested in for more information.

Why should an employer or graduate school value the Leadership Certification?
Most employers and graduate schools seek individuals who have proved to be leaders, have demonstrated their leadership abilities, and have been actively involved on their campus and in their local community. Students who complete the Certified Student Leader program have participated in a well-rounded leadership and service program which exceeds the quality of the typical college student experience.

How do I get certified?
Certification is achieved by completing projects, attending workshops, and reflecting on your learning. Learning objectives for each tier have been derived from the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and reflect those skills and competencies necessary to practice effective leadership. Completion of each tier occurs when a participant meets all of the minimum requirements necessary for the tier.

Do student have to attend orientation before they begin working toward their certification?
Not at all! All students enrolled are required to attend one of the orientation sessions at the start of their cohort semester. These orientations will usually take place the first two months of the semester, so students are encouraged to begin participating in events and workshops as soon as they enroll.

For more information, please contact Cord McLean at mcleanc@usf.edu