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Lead Fellows

As a student leadership board within the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, the Lead Fellows provides practical opportunities for students to develop and apply leadership awareness, knowledge, competencies, and skills. Lead Fellows consists of two dynamic subcommittees with six event chairs working collaboratively to promote individual student engagement and registered student organization (RSO) development. Lead Fellows contribute to the enhancement of a robust campus life by developing and executing programs, services, and initiatives that advance campus and community involvement; boost organizations' visibility and effectiveness; increase students' leadership efficacy; and create opportunities for powerful partnerships.

Lead Fellows Structure

Lead Fellows Structure

About Lead Fellows Committees

The Consultations Committee is comprised of experienced student leaders who provide support to student organizations through education and facilitation on topics including, but not limited to, team building; diversity and inclusion; recruitment and retention; and effective communication.

The Programming Committee plans, executes, and assesses events and programs for student organization leaders and students interested in becoming involved in student organizations. The committee is responsible for the development, logistics, and promotion of all events and programs and works in collaboration with campus organizations and university departments to ensure their success.

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Meet the Lead Fellows Executive Board 

Director Adam Matern adammatern@mail.usf.edu
Consultations Coordinator Vivekka Suppiah vivekka@mail.usf.edu
Programming Coordinator Kai Lawrence kailawrence@mail.usf.edu
Advisor Katie Leonard kleonard2@usf.edu