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Registered student organizations, departments, tenants, or individual students of the USF Community may chalk the sidewalks around the Marshall Student Center.

This policy governs the grounds around the Marshall Student Center. The MSC does not have the authority to grant approval for other sidewalks on campus.


  • Chalking is only permitted at the North, South, and East Entrances to the building as shown in yellow on the MSC Chalking Map.
  • Chalking is permitted only on sidewalks of the MSC grounds that are exposed to weather and not covered by a roof or overhang.
  • Only water soluble, environmentally friendly, non-toxic stick chalk may be used to mark sidewalks. The use of markers, paints, oil-based products, spray chalk, or other types of markers or liquids, is prohibited.
  • Chalking is prohibited on any vertical surfaces, including walls, sides of buildings/stairways, the Amphitheater, landing/patio areas, and stairs.
  • Chalking of interior areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Chalking may be removed at any time based at the discretion of the MSC staff and/or grounds crew and in accordance with cleaning schedules. 
  • Chalking of interior areas is strictly prohibited.
  • If the chalking is associated with a specific individual or organization, the individual or organization’s name must appear within each chalk message.  Failure to identify may result in the message being removed without notice.
  • Message content should reflect the values outlined in the University’s Principles of Community.