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Meeting Room and Event Space FAQs

  • Who can make a reservation? 
  • What spaces can be reserved? 
  • When can reservations be made? 
  • What information do I need to provide to make a reservation? 
  • When is a reservation request confirmed? 
  • How long do I have to makes changes after my reservation has been confirmed? 
  • Are there costs associated with using meeting space? 
  • Why is there a cancellation / no show fee? 
  • What is the Food Service Policy?

Who can make a reservation?
Each registered student organization, university department, and non-university affiliated individuals can request space within the Marshall Student Center. Each client should provide us with a primary contact person. Only individuals listed on the confirmation will be allowed to make changes to the reservations.

For registered student organizations the primary contacts will be listed on an Accountable Officer form which can be obtained through the EMS office. Accountable officers must consist of the President and up to two additional officers.

Student Organizations and University Departments may reserve rooms by filling out an online web request

Non-university affiliated entities and individuals should visit the Conferencing & Special Events site.  

What spaces can be reserved?
The contact person for the organization can reserve any indoor or outdoor space managed by the Phyllis P. Marshall Student Center.  This is a complete listing of rooms with their available layouts.

Spaces in other areas of the university may also be available for reservation. Please contact the Event and Meeting Services office with questions or visit Facilities Management to reserve other university spaces.

When can reservations be made?
Student organizations can start reserving rooms on the following days each year:

  • June 1st for Fall semester Events
  • November 1st for Spring semester Events
  • March 1st for Summer semester Events

Student organizations reserving space for events or activities are encouraged to make reservations as early as possible.

Inquiries about room availability can be made by visiting the events calendar. Reservation requests cannot be made by phone or e-mail and holds will not be placed for specific rooms.

Event and Meeting Services staff are in the office Monday – Friday from 8am - 6pm. Hours may vary during holidays and summer.

What information do I need to provide to make a reservation? 

  • The name of the event: Describe the name of the event/meeting that is taking place in the room. The name you provide will be listed on the electronic signage outside of each meeting room. This will help people find the right room when they are coming to your meeting or event.
  • Sponsor: The name of the client whom the reservation is for. The organization placing the reservation will become the primary contact.
  • Contact Name and Phone: The name and phone number of the PRIMARY contact for the organization.
  • Date of Event / Meeting: The day the event or meeting is taking place.
  • Event Time: This is the time the meeting/event will start and end. The set up and clean-up time before and after the meeting/event will need to be included with your organizations reservation.
  • Room Set Up: This describes the way the room is to be set. Set up options include classroom style, cleared room, theater, Hollow Square, banquet, and u-shape.
  • Number of People Expected: The number of people expected to attend your event.
  • AV Needs: Special equipment needs such as projectors podium, microphones, easels, etc.
  • Other Needs: Examples of other needs include items such as registration tables and a phone line activation.

When is a reservation request confirmed?
When a reservation request is made, it can take up to three business days for Event and Meeting Services staff to process the reservation. During the first two weeks of each semester and each request period, requests may take longer due to the large volume received at that time. Once it has been processed, a confirmation e-mail and confirmation number will be sent to the primary contact person. It is that person's responsibility to read and adhere to the Event and Meeting Services Policy and Procedures as well as the confirmation details.

How long do I have to makes changes after my reservation has been confirmed?
Changes should be done through our online system no later than three business days in advance of the event date. Changes closer than three business days may not be honored, depending on the changes requested.

Are there costs associated with using meeting space?
Review the pricing guide. Registered student organizations do not pay a room rental fee. There can be additional costs associated with meeting room usage under the following conditions:

  • If rooms are reserved, not used, and not canceled within 2 business days prior to a scheduled meeting/event. (No-Shows)
  • If the room is left in a condition that requires additional cleaning.
  • Security is determined to be necessary for the event.
  • An event is held in the Oval Theater (1 A / V Tech and min. of 2 Event Staff are required).

Why is there a cancellation/no show fee?
The $100 cancellation/no show fee for rooms and $25 for information tables was implemented so that the Marshall Student Center administration would have advance notice and be able to offer the space to another client. The cancellation/no show fee applies to all clients using the building or requesting information tables. No one is exempt from this policy.

What is the Food and Alcohol Service Policy?
The Marshall Student Center does not allow home-cooked food at any meeting/event. 

If a group is having alcohol, the alcohol must be provided by USF Dining Services. No outside caterers are permitted to serve alcohol. Please review the complete MSC Alcohol Policy. If you would like to have alcohol served at your event, please complete the Alcohol Service Request Form

Groups can use outside caterers for food as long as the Caterer's Application is submitted and approved prior to the event. Groups using outside caterers for food will have no access to USF Dining kitchens or prep areas.  

If it is a group’s intent to bring in food/beverages purchased or donated from local retail grocers, restaurants or other licensed food providers, a Food Release Form must be submitted to your event planner three business days prior to your event/meeting. All items provided must be pre-prepared, pre-packaged, and ready to serve.  The Marshall Student Center does not allow any items that are homemade.  

If you are unsure if you need to submit a Food Release Form or Caterer’s Application, please contact your Marshall Student Center Event Planner.