Family Events

USF Family of the Year

Each year during Family & Friends Weekend, the Office of Parent and Family Engagement honors a USF family who shows unwavering support for their USF Bull. Their commitment demonstrates what it means to be a part of the USF Family. 

2019:  MEET THE Buchanan FAMILY!

Buchanan Family

This year, we are delighted to recognize the Buchanan Family, from Palmetto, Florida. Austin Buchanan, a current senior, transferred to USF from the State College of Florida. He nominated and credits his continuous enrollment and success at USF to his wife, Lanie. Austin and Lanie have two children, Aurora (5 years) and Aaron (9 months).

 In his first semester at USF, Austin and Lanie discovered they were expecting their son and learned that he would have a very rare genetic condition. As they navigated the unknown regarding their newborn son’s anticipated health needs, Austin considered taking a semester off, but Lanie insisted that she would hold down the fort while he continued his studies and worked to provide for their family. Austin attributes Lanie’s strength, assurance, and perseverance as the reason he remains on track to complete his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences in the summer of 2020 with plans of attending medical school.

 USF families can take many different forms, but their support and dedication to their students can make a tremendous impact on their success. It is an honor to have this family as a part of our USF community and we are thrilled to recognize them with this award.