Family Resources


Academic Resources

USF has resources on campus that can support and encourage your students in their academic endeavors. Please encourage them to utilize these departments!

New Student Connections

The mission of New Student Connections is to create and support shared USF experiences that connect students to the campus community and provide for a successful transition.


FERPA is the acronym for the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act. This law protects the privacy of student educational records and affords students the right to refuse to permit educational institutions from releasing or disclosing any information about them. Students do have the option to sign a FERPA waiver, at which point the named family members can hear information normally protected by FERPA.


USF offers assistance and support for students and families as they navigate their financial commitments. Utilize these services to be both educated and supported in your student's endeavors.

Wellness Services

There are several health and wellness related departments on campus that offer services for your students.

Student Safety

The University of South Florida’s top priority is the safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors. In the event of an emergency, official notifications will be updated as changes occur or there are cancellations to report.


With many options available, such as USF's Bull Runner, U-Pass program with HART, and a car rental program on campus, your student doesn't need to bring a car to campus.

Policies and Procedures

Please review these links are helpful resources in navigating policies and procedures at the University of South Florida. For questions, email

Additional Campus Departments

These departments are great resources throughout your student's time at USF.

Additional Resources

These additional resources are helpful in navigating your student's experience on campus.