Suncoast Student Government Summit

Suncoast Student Government Summit

Thusday, March 7 - Sunday, March 10, 2019

Suncoast Student Government Summit



Welcome to the Suncoast Student Government Summit (SSGS). It is our privilege to host you on our campus at the University of South Florida (USF) for 2 days. Similar to you, we strive to be the best Student Government representatives we can be, while maintaining our ability to facilitate camaraderie through our campus and our community. We depend on our ability to impact our community as best we can. Here at USF, our previous perception of community was a rather insulated one, restricted to the confines of our immediate university. However, that definition has been expanding rapidly with the growth of our university. Here in our Student Government, we place great value on the concept of community, and as colleagues, we would like to welcome you to ours.

As we move forward with this inaugural summit, our mission will be to cultivate a community of student government leaders who are determined to develop and share best practices around the state and country. We encourage you to engage each other in productive dialogue that lends itself to personal as well as institutional development. Our free flowing discussion panels and activities are designed for an optimal stimulation of creativity and insight. We hope that after this summit, you will all embrace the idea that ambition should supersede tradition. At USF, we achieved this mindset by instilling a willingness to value future aspirations over established traditions, which has allowed our University and Student Government to grow and thrive. As colleagues and fellow student leaders, this summit will allow for all of you to build relationships with each other and develop your leadership skills. This forum will allow you to develop the sense of camaraderie which is essential in cultivating this culture of ambition over tradition. So please join us in sunny Tampa for a weekend of impact and innovation. Welcome to our community, welcome to SSGS.


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