St. Pete SG

Legal Aid Services


Currently legal aid services are available via virtual appointments. Below is the contact information for the person that will assist you in setting up an appointment with our attorney. For the quickest response, please send an email with your first and last name and that you are seeking legal aid assistance. 

Tampa campus
Martika Major (she/her)
Student Legal Advocate

Sarasota-Manatee/St. Petersburg campus
Natalie Vlckova (she/her)
Solicitor General


The main purpose of Legal Aid is to provide free legal advice to students attending the University of South Florida. Legal Aid strives to enhance public awareness by providing legal publications and programs free of charge. The program offers free consultations to students from Tampa Bay area attorneys.

The goal of Legal Aid is to be available to all students by enhancing awareness of the service continuously around campus. With support and dedication to the intentions of the service and to its goals, Legal Aid will increasingly become a resource students will know they have if they ever need it.


Legal Aid coordinators will respect the laws of client confidentiality as well as the Attorneys participating in the service. Every message and legal problem related to a student's particular case is strictly confidential and will not leave the office. Per the disclaimer, the attorney's contact information is not public through Legal Aid services and cannot be provided to students using Legal Aid services. Also, the client's (student's) contact information is not public and is trusted to be confidential when their information is used for Legal Aid Services.


During the consultation between the Attorneys and the student, the attorney can answer any questions or concerns with their legal opinion pertaining to the matter and they will also clarify to the student the particular laws involved relating to their questions or concerns. Attorneys will be able to assist with any legal question a student may have EXCEPT for questions regarding a problem with the school (USF). If any student has a legal concern (i.e. fell down on campus, underage drinking, etc.) we will refer the student to Student Affairs.


We understand how busy students are and the Legal Aid Service is not available every day for students to be able to make an appointment at any time. Therefore, If a student has a legal question or concern however is unable to attend the scheduled appointment day with the attorney, we can set up a phone appointment between the attorney and the student with the same rules as if they came in physically. The appointment will not exceed 15 minutes unless noted by the attorney and no contact information is to be exchanged following the consultation through Legal Aid. The student must still make time to come in prior to the appointment day to sign the Legal Aid Disclaimer, pick up an information packet, and show USF current student identification card.