Initial Review

The Initial Review will be made by the Initial Review Officer regarding referrals made for possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct. After meeting with the student(s) involved, this individual's role is to recommend whether a violation(s) of the Student Code of Conduct should move forward or not and suggest educational sanctions if the violation(s) is/are moved forward. The Conduct Officer will conclude the review within six weeks of Receipt of the Referral, unless an extension is necessary as determined and documented by the Conduct Officer. At the conclusion of the Initial Review, the Conduct Officer will issue a disposition letter, which will indicate either that the referral has been dismissed or that the referral has been accepted. In the case where the referral has been accepted, the disposition letter will include the imposed formal charges, recommended dispositions, and the alternative procedures that may be available.

If the subject student(s) fails to appear for a meeting, the Conduct Officer will
conduct an In Absentia Review and a determination as to the appropriate charges to be filed will be
made. A disposition letter will be provided to the absent student(s) and all hearing and appeal rights will be explained.