Provisional Suspension

Provisional Suspension Process

In certain circumstances, at any time, the USF System may immediately impose a provisional suspension as follows:

The President of the USF System or the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or his/her designee, will have the authority to immediately suspend a student from the USF System or from participating in official USF System functions, programs, intercollegiate competitions, and other student activities. A Provisional Suspension may be imposed to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the USF System community or preservation of USF System property; to ensure the physical or emotional safety and well-being of the members of the University of South Florida community; or when the student's continued presence or use of privilege at the USF System is likely to pose an ongoing threat of disruption or interference with the normal operation of the USF System.

The Provisional Suspension may be imposed by the President or the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities upon notice of the alleged conduct. Students issued a Provisional Suspension from the USF System will be provided an Emergency Hearing within five days from the date of suspension with the appropriate Conduct Officer. The Emergency Hearing may be conducted in one of the following ways at the choice of the student:

1. Acceptance of Responsibility: The student may take full responsibility in writing (form to be provided by OSRR) indicating that the student is electing to waive all rights to a Formal Hearing and is requesting that the conduct officer make a final determination with regard to the Provisional Suspension and the substantive charges at the time of the Emergency Hearing and is accepting that determination as final with a waiver of appeal rights except as to the severity of the sanction which the student may appeal.

2. Absent a waiver or request as provided in {1.} above, The Conduct Officer will conduct the Emergency Hearing ONLY with regard to the Provisional suspension and the charges.

3. If a student fails to appear for the Emergency Hearing, the Conduct Officer will make the determination in the student's absence.

In all cases, the Conduct Officer will issue a disposition letter which will indicate the Conduct Officer's determination with regard to the Provisional Suspension and a recommended disposition to the formal charges. In addition, the disposition letter will advise the student that he/she has the right to accept the recommended disposition or request a formal hearing within five days of the date of the disposition letter. If possible, the disposition letter will have a tentative formal hearing date (set no sooner than five days or longer than six weeks from the emergency hearing unless the student waives the review period and the conduct officer is able to schedule the hearing sooner). In the event the student fails to notify the Conduct Officer of the choice of hearing, the recommended disposition will become a final disposition. At the discretion of the Conduct Officer, any hearing may be postponed pending the gathering of additional evidence or the outcome of a related hearing. At any time in the Provisional Suspension Process a student may accept responsibility and request and accept the sanctions as recommended by the Conduct Officer or other applicable forum.