Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct provides guidance to students concerning acceptable behaviors as a USF student. It states the rights and responsibilities of students and outlines the conduct process if a student has allegedly violated a code of conduct.

Housing Handbook

This handbook provides specific information concerning housing rules and regulations for students living in campus housing, which may be in addition to the Student Code of Conduct. Students living in USF housing sign a contract with specific details concerning the utilization of their living space.

Hazing Regulation

Hazing in any form is not tolerated at USF. Read the University of South Florida System regulation on Hazing to be informed.

Student Organization Regulations

Student groups interested in becoming an official student organization on campus should read this regulation.

Parking Regulation

This regulation details the responsibilities associated with the purchase and use of a USF parking pass at the University of South Florida.

Academic Disruption

The Academic Disruption policy outlines the process for faculty and staff to initiate when a student is perceived to be disrupting the academic environment.

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct/Harassment

Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, is prohibited within the USF System. The Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Harassment policy provides in-depth information on this topic including the reporting process and investigation under Title IX.

Medical Amnesty Policy

Understand how Medical Amnesty is applied to students who report a medical emergency for another student who may be overly intoxicated or impaired by drug use.