Pathway to Admissions and VA Education Benefits

The USF admission process, in conjunction with requesting VA Education Benefits, can be a very overwhelming and confusing. To help alleviate the confusion, the Office of Veterans Services has created the Pathway to Admission Program.  This program allows an Admission Specialist in our office to take over a veteran's admission paperwork once it has been submitted online. The Admission Specialist does not make the admission decision, but is there to stay in constant contact with the veteran if any documents are missing or any questions need answered.  Since this program was developed in Spring 2013, the Admission Specialist has helped hundreds of veterans complete their admission packets and create an easier transition into USF.

Along with the admission process, ensuring a veteran has everything needed to receive their VA education benefits is another hurdle when starting USF.  In order to alleviate confusion, our office has outlined the top six steps that must be followed in order to be admitted to USF and receive their GI Bill.

    1. Apply to the University of South Florida.

    2. Apply for a new Certificate of Eligibility or transfer it from a different institution at

    3. After you have been accepted to USF, register for a USF Orientation session.

    4. After orientation, meet with an academic advisor.

    5. Register for classes.

    6. Submit your VA Education Benefits request. (Do this only after you have registered for classes!)

Please contact us with any questions or concerns during the application process.