Apply for Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to use my GI Bill. Where do I start?
Start by visiting the Admissions website for undergraduate admissions or the Graduate website and apply for admission. Contact our office for the necessary forms to receive VA benefits.

2.Will my military credits be counted towards a degree?
You need to provide the Admissions Office with a copy of your military transcript by the second semester. They will post the amount of credit recommended by the American Council on Education. It is ultimately up to your department advisor to grant any credit towards your major.

3. Does the GI Bill pay USF directly for my tuition and fees?
Chapter 33, Post 911 GI Bill pays USF directly for your tuition and fees.  The other GI Bill Education Benefits pays the student directly.

4. Where do I go to determine the amount of benefits I have remaining?
Go to and click on the WAVE link.

5. How do I know if I am a full time, 1/2-time, or a 3/4-time student?
The answer to that question depends on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student and if you are attending a Fall/Spring semester or a Summer semester.  If you are attending the Fall/Spring semester, here is the credit breakdown...

Undergraduate Students
12 or more   Full Time
9-11             3/4 Time
6-8               1/2 Time
4-5                Less than 1/2 Time (No Benefits received)

Graduate Students
9 or more      Full Time
7-8                3/4 Time
5-6                1/2 Time
1-4                 Less than 1/2 Time (No Benefits received)

If you are attending the Summer semester, here is the credit breakdown...

                                      F/T              3/4            1/2
          Summer A           4                  3               2
          Summer B           4                  3               2
          Summer C           7                  5-6            4

                                      F/T              3/4             1/2
          Summer A           3                  N/A            2
          Summer B           3                  N/A            2
          Summer C           5                  4                3

For a more in-depth understanding of how to breakdown VA benefits for summer classes, please check out the following document.  If you still don't understand, please contact our office.

summer breakdown 

6. Do I have to certify my classes every semester? Do I have to be registered?
You must complete and submit a Benefits Request Form for certification to the Office of Veterans Services every semester that you want to request education benefits. You cannot request benefits until after you have registered for your classes that semester.  

7.Will I have to pay back the money if I drop a class or get a failing grade?
If you drop a class and your status changes between full-time and part-time, yes you will. If you provide the VA with reasons for the withdrawal, you may be able to keep the money paid to you until the drop date. Failing grades are not reported to the VA.

8. Will the VA pay for a repeated course?
Benefits will not be paid for a course in which you already earned a passing grade.  If you get a grade that isn't sufficient to pass the class, you can repeat it and the VA will pay for it.  However, if you repeat a course more than 2 times, USF will charge Out-Of-State Fees and the VA will not cover those fees.

9. What about adding a major or minor?
The VA allows a dual objective. Make sure you notify the academic advisor within the college and the Office of Veterans Services of both majors.

10.  How do I submit Tuition Assistance (TA) or Tuition/Fees-only Scholarships with my Benefit Request Form?
If and only if a person is Chapter 33, Post 911 GI Bill, will a student need to inform our office that they are receiving TA or Tuition/Fees Scholarships.  The student will fill out a Student Scholarship Statement (SSS) when he or she applies for their semester education benefits.  The SSS, located in our Forms section of the website, will need to show the amount of money they are receiving toward their tuition and fees.  The student veteran will not have their benefits processed until this amount of money is disclosed to the Office of Veterans Services.

11. How do I change my address or direct deposit information with the VA?
You can change your address or direct deposit information by calling (877) 838-2778; have your bank's routing number and account number available.

12. What is the number to the VA Education Office in Atlanta?