Strategy for VetSuccess

The Office of Veterans Success (OVS), Undergraduate Studies and University Experience partnered to provide a 3 credit, upper elective exclusive to veterans called "Strategies for Success." SLS 3407 has a dual objective of providing student veterans on pertinent university and VA functions in addition to a practical application of their unique experiences along with various topics covered during class.

Dr. Braue leading class in discussion

Pertinent topics include programs, activities and services provided by the university such as, Students with Disability Services, Student Government, Student Organizations, VetSuccess on Campus, New Student Connections, the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, Tutoring Services, and Library Services. Students also learn about services provided by the VA and how to access them though our office.

Students will receive extensive instruction on various skills including resume writing (with an emphasis on translating military experience), interviewing techniques, job search engine navigation, and networking. The premier aspect of the course is the mentoring program which pairs each student with a mentor from their desired professional field. This has been one of the most popular aspects of the class and many recipients of this mentorship have received jobs and internships as a result.

A permit is required for this class for which you must e-mail Shaina Gonzalez orJason Miller in order to be able to register. This class is critical for any veteran who seeks to prepare themselves for a successful career after graduating.