VetSuccess on Campus

vetsuccessIn May of 2009, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the University of South Florida acknowledged that the successful readjustment of veterans into college and the civilian workforce is a mutual responsibility. As a result, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding to address the needs of veterans and assist them in achieving their educational and employment goals. It was then that VetSuccess on Campus was born, the first of its kind. This partnership allowed the VA to place an experienced Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor on campus full-time. The VetSuccess on Campus Counselor assists student veterans with transition to college life and to provide the support needed to   improve the chances for their success. In addition, there is a VetCenter Counselor on campus part-time to provide counseling services to qualifying veterans and dependents.

USF pioneered what has now evolved into a comprehensive program offering support services, career counseling, mentoring, employment assistance, and guidance on a vast variety of VA benefits and health services. In collaboration, USF and VA strive to develop innovative programs and activities for veterans to maximize their opportunities for success, both educationally and occupationally.