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The Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) Grant supports universities working to transform advising practices, student support services, and systems in support of student success through the utilization of new technologies. Recipients of the iPASS grant are specifically focused on addressing education planning, counseling and coaching, and risk targeting and intervention.

As a recipient of an iPASS grant in 2015, USF utilized the funding to develop a case management approach to student success that focuses on identifying and addressing individual student needs in their moment of need. In doing so, USF has fulfilled its iPASS grant vision of providing the right support to the right student at the right time.

The results of these efforts, along with the collaborative work of other student success programs and initiatives, have been substantial, with USF achieving a six-year graduation rate of 71 percent and a retention rate of 90 percent by the end of the grant period in 2018. Our students are now persisting and graduating at all time highs.  Additionally,  USF has qualified for state Preeminence, a designation reserved for the highest performing institutions in the State University System of Florida, which unlocks additional funding for investment back into our students.


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