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                          Graduation Starts Now

Develop a 4-year plan

  • Visit your advisor every semester
  • Declare your major and know your degree requirements
  • Track your progress - DegreeWorks

Get Involved

  • Join student organizations
  • Volunteer your time
  • Attend athletic events

Manage your finances

  • Create a budget an live with that budget
  • Know your financial aid and scholarship requirements
  • Minimize your student loan debt

Take 15 Credits

  • Register for 15 credit hours
  • Graduate in 4 years
  • Reduce debt, accelerate your graduation

Explore your career

  • Connect with the Career Center
  • Assess your skills, values, personality, and career goals
  • Gain valuable career skills via part-time jobs, internships, and co-ops


Take 15

Take 15

Did you know that...

  • every semester a student extends their enrollment, they will be adding about $10,500 to the cost of their degree?
  • if a student withdraws from one 3 hour course each semester, they will have to enroll for at least one more year at a cost of $21,000?
  • in addition to the cost of the degree, the student will lose estimated wages of $48,707 per year (median income for 2014 college graduates per the National Association of Colleges and Employers)?
  • if a student completes two-thirds or less of the courses attempted, it will take two additional years to graduate and two years of lost wages? The price tag: $139,414!

Take 15!
Take 15 credits every semester and graduate in 4 years. That's your formula for success. You'll reduce debt, accelerate your graduation and launch your career.



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