Academic Planning

Develop an Academic Plan and Graduate

Identify and connect with all your academic partners such as your advisor/major professor. Work with them to develop an academic plan so you can graduate in a timely matter. Realize that the university has a spectrum of resources that you can utilize to enrich your graduate education. Consider broadening your experience by investigating options to learn and do research abroad.


Identify Your Academic Partners

Academic success at the graduate level requires working with a number of individuals. These individuals will provide you with the necessary guidance and support as you progress through your program.

These include:

Your major professor/advisor
Your graduate program director (consult your program's webpage)
Your department chair
Your discipline specific librarian
Your fellow graduate students and peers
And the graduate department/program assistant

** Please note that the titles and functions of these individuals may differ based on your program


Globalize your Education

Fulbright Scholarships are available for graduate students to study and do research abroad. Visit the Office of National Scholarships

USF has graduate programs integrated with the Peace Corps. See Master's International Program in Civil & Environmental Engineering