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Consent & Chill: Sexual Assault, Power, and Fame
Wednesday, 04-07-2021, 12:00 - 1:00 PM, Virtual - T
Join us at our biweekly Consent & Chill for an open discussion on how famous perpetrators often escape consequences.


⛅️Find out Simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into your routine!
To be mindful, really just means to be present without judgment. Mindfulness is being aware of you, your thoughts, your feelings, and sensations without judging them. That’s pretty much it! If you’re hoping to become more mindful during the day and practice some stillness, then read our blog!


Read our new blog on how to improve your self-talk!
Life can be unpredictable. It is filled with new opportunities, challenges, and obstacles, and the way we talk to ourselves can have a big impact on how we see our world. Self-talk can be positive or negative and noticing which way your self-talk leans, allows you to make adjustments that will help you feel better and more grounded. Learn how to improve your self-talk by reading our reading our blog! Stay tuned every Friday for a new blog from Wellness USF!

Check out our new blog to take control of your morning routine!
Sometimes, getting started with the right morning routine can feel challenging. I mean sleeping in feels good, right? We encourage you not to focus on finding the best morning routine, but rather on building one that is specifically tailored to you. Do what makes you feel empowered! Learn how to take control of your morning and how USF resources can help by reading our latest blog!


Whether you are struggling to cope, feeling low or just need a place to talk, Togetherall can help. Togetherall platform members are anonymous, so no one will know you are using it unless you tell them. Click here to join the supportive Togetherall community.


Check Out the Resources in Our Mental Health Library
Looking to prioritize your mental health this semester? We've got your back. Connect with others on Togetherall, sign up for a Success and Wellness Coaching session, or learn how to improve your sleep hygiene. Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be a burden. Try our Health and Wellness resources to help you feel strong and supported.


Self-Care in Seconds: Start Your Journey with 3 Simple Steps
Curious about self-care and how to start practicing it? "Self-care" simply means taking some time to invest in yourself, and making decisions to protect your well-being and happiness, particularly during times of stress. Read our blog to learn how to practice self-care in seconds!

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You've Got This. We've Got Your Back.
Hey Bulls, you've got this! You've already accomplished so much! Want an extra hand in taking care of your mental, emotional, academic, and physical health? We've got your back. Sign up for a Success and Wellness Coaching session, try a RecWell challenge, join a drop-in Counseling group and learn more about sleep hygiene with USF Health and Wellness remote resources.