Finish in Four

Did you know that...

  • every semester a student extends their enrollment, they could be adding nearly $11,000 to the cost of their degree?
  • if a student withdraws from one 3 hour course each semester, they will have to enroll for at least one more year at a cost of more than $21,000?
  • in addition to the cost of the degree, the student will lose estimated wages of $37,400 per year (the average entry-level salary for a state university system bachelor’s degree)?
  • if a student completes two-thirds or less of the courses attempted, it will take two additional years to graduate and two years of lost wages? The price tag: $117,860!

So how do I avoid spending all this extra cash?

Take 15!

Take 15 credits every semester and graduate in 4 years. That's your formula for success. You'll reduce debt, accelerate your graduation and launch your career.

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