Student Information

Dual Enrollment Students

Dual enrollment in Summer at USF classes is open to academically qualified students who are home-schooled or currently enrolled in public/private high schools and have been recommended by their guidance counselor or principal. The university has articulation agreements with several county school boards to allow public high school students to enroll in classes at USF. Students enrolled in postsecondary instruction that is not creditable toward the high school diploma shall not be classified as dually enrolled.

Students wishing to be accepted as Dual Enrollment students at the University of South Florida are required to:

Please contact the University's Honors College for complete information and student qualifications.

Please note USF's Immunization Policy requires that all students younger than 40 must submit acceptable proof of immunity to rubella to Student Health Services prior to registration for courses that meet on campus. Students born after December 31, 1956, must also submit proof of immunity to measles. To learn more, visit the Student Health Services website.