System Faculty Council


The USF System Faculty Council (SFC) constitutes the principal, representative faculty governance body with System-wide responsibilities.  As such, it advises the President and the Provost and Executive Vice President for the USF System and coordinates communications among the constituent Faculty Senates within the USF System.  The SFC serves as a mechanism to discuss issues of importance to faculty across the three USF System institutions and to provide specific recommendations to the administration proposals for new System-wide policies and procedures or changes to existing ones.  As appropriate, the SFC will also bring forward its own proposals for policies and procedures on academic matters that pertain to two or more constituent institutions.

The president of the SFC sits on the USF Board of Trustees, as the elected representative of the entire System faculty.

System Faculty Council 2017-2018

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SFC Documents 

USF System Faculty Council (SFC) Constitution
USF System Faculty Council (SFC) Bylaws
USF System Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Archived Materials

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